6 Most Demanded High CPC Niches 2024 (Blog, YouTube, Reels, etc.)

Here’s the list of most demanded High CPC Niches in 2024

4 High CPC Niches With keywords:

6. Fatal/Minor Accident And Injury Lawyer (Niche)

This niche might not be the newest one, however, it is the most specified and one of the most searched categories with the highest Cost-Per-Click.

Some of the High paying keywords within this niche are:

  • Car accident Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Car accident attorney

The lowest bids for these keywords start from $49 USD to $559 Dollars

5. Shopify

Generally, we don’t create a blog around a brand name, which is right because the brand value may not remain stable every year. However, if you have got an affiliate blog, you can create a new category under ‘Shopify’. We’ve been seeing the growth of Shopify for the last 2 years. It has been doing good with Dropshipping, then it is associated with Google and YouTube kind of big brands. That means it’s growing. Gradually, the value of the term ‘Shopify’ is increasing a lot more compared to Amazon.

Here, you can see some of the keywords ranging between $25 to over $330. And there are numerous keywords with high CPC.

So if someone is interested in e-commerce or affiliate business, Shopify would turn out to be more profitable.

4. Social Media Creators

Take an example of 1 social platform: TikTok

Generally, TikTokers are searched with the handle names in the search engines.

For instance: khaby lame tiktok, avani tiktok, bella tiktok, big bank tiktok and so on.

The majority of these keywords have low competition, which basically means the one intending to start a new blog, or a YouTube channel, or any effective social media channel, can assign to this niche and gain attention.

  • If you’re a publisher, What you need to do is: Write content for about 800-1k words about the TikToker.
  • Embedded about 5-7 popular TikTok videos of the same creator, placing those at the right position from the top of the content, in the middle, and at the bottom of the content.
  • If you’re a video creator, you just need to highlight their Best, Non-sensical, and failed videos using their clips & your VoiceOver.

This niche could be experimental as the CPC rates may fluctuate depending on the demand for TikTok videos this year.

If you see their cost-per-click, the highest bid could go even up to $126 Dollars.

3. Gaming / Online Games

This niche has been overtaking many other leading niches. The gaming market industry has been valued at over 250 billion Dollars in 2023.

So, if you are a Gamer or would want to be one, starting your YouTube, Blog, and Social Accounts around gaming would result in being highly profitable.

Staying tuned with updates and the latest technologies consistently could definitely make you a millionaire.

Here are a few keywords that though starting from the lowest bid, go up high to over $620.

2. In-Demand Degrees

Being a presenter of In-demand degrees is different from starting an educational platform or online tutoring business. The competition within this niche is medium to high, however, if you successfully add some tweaks to your video content or articles, you can make the most of it.

Some of the High paying keywords within this niche are:

  • online psychology degree
  • online business degree
  • online accounting degree
  • online teaching degree programs
  • online elementary teaching degree

And so on.

The lowest to highest bids for these keywords range between $45 USD to $170 Dollars

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creator or publisher. One of these 4 niches would definitely shape the efforts you’re putting in.

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