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9 New Ways To Make Money Online July 2024 Repeatedly

We’ve extracted 9 ways that would repeatedly make money online in 2024 for you. Most of them might be new to you, and others are updated as per July 2024‘s upcoming demand.

1. Web Stories

If you have a blog or say a website, downloading the Google Web-Stories plugin would be worth it. This requires you to have a WordPress site to use the feature.

Web stories are the shortest version of a blog with visual images, videos, and text. For many, this might be new to know. The feature lets you create vertical attractive slides with valuable information explained in short. The addition of audio to make stories more engaging could help. But this is completely optional.

A beginner may take around 2-3 hours to create the first web story. Later creating one would hardly take 30 minutes.

The web stories outcome appears within the ‘Discover’ tab of the Google Search App on a mobile phone.

As this is not designed for desktops. The feature is similar to the video ‘Shorts’ specially designed for mobile users.

Web Stories Earnings and Traffic

The traffic driven through web stories is way higher than organic results for any new or old site. The consistent publication of stories is a must, or else you may drop the traffic to 0.

Earnings you can make through web stories could be between $0 to over $10K USD. Neither, you nor Google’s algorithm has control over it.

Some bloggers/publishers may see tremendous growth in traffic and revenue in the first week itself. However, many don’t see any results even after publishing on a daily basis.

Because it is not favored by the algorithm, it requires a luck factor to earn from web stories. Here are a few examples of web stories:

Note: The web stories feature within Discover is only available in a few countries viz. United States, Brazil, and India.

2. YouTube Shorts

You might be aware of YouTube’s recent update on Shorts Monetization.

Shorts is one of the easiest ways to make money online this year.

The initial effort of recording the vertical format of shorts might seem different for some creators. However, the time required to create these attractive videos is lesser compared to long-form videos.

For your understanding here are 9 YouTube Shorts Earnings Methods explained in detail!

Earning through YPP, Super Thanks and Sponsorships are just a few.

You can make your career even bigger if implement all 9 methods of earnings from Shorts in the right way.

1 task is common, you’ll have to be consistent within your industry of work.

Here are some examples of YouTube Shorts By Aussie Guide:

Ferry Ride – Queensland
Reacting to a Honking Car
Beautiful Summer Evening

3. Firework

Firework is similar to YouTube Shorts but with additional features. It lets creators create commercial vertical videos to promote brands’ products.

For instance, in order to promote an affiliate product or promote a requested shirt of XYZ brand. You’ll have to create a video wearing it, and recording all possible angles of yours to make it more explorable. This would help buyers/viewers to purchase the item right through your post itself.

It is also known as Shoppable Videos or Livestream Shopping.

You may reach us to know more about the ‘Firework’.

4. Channel Partnerships

Let 2 creators create and publish videos every alternate day, and share revenue equally as per mutual commitments.

Be it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, or similar platforms.

When 2 or more people are engaging in a single project, the level of productivity increases. More ideas and different perspectives make the channel grow exponentially leading to success.

One of the examples is the channel ‘Think Media‘. Where it was created by Sean initially, then joined by 2 more creators. This helped them run the channel smoothly, and work on other projects too.

The involvement of 2 or more channel partners provides you enough time to look after other projects; without breaking the consistency of the current channel.

Hence, it’s a clear path to Make Money Online with managed time and managed tasks.

5. Convert Your Music, Raps, and Sounds Into NFTs

You can almost mint any service, art, or object into Non-Fungible tokens.

NFTs are a kind of bright future for Singers or Musicians you can say. It lets you showcase your own collection of music so that interested buyers can get NFTs as they always wished to. This does not transfer the actual ownership of the musicians but gives the new owner the right to control to some extent.

The huge amount of money Musicians and Rappers like Snoop Dogg and others are making is insane.

Helpful: Snoop Dogg NFT & Crazy Fat-Cat Relations Unveiled

6. Share Financial or Debt Experience (SYS: Share Your Stories To Make Money Online)

SYS is a new concept especially designed for experienced and retired people to share their stories and make money. The concept may seem different, however, it’ll work in the favor of entrepreneurs, employees, debtors, and retirees sharing their failures and success stories.

Here’s how you can apply: SYS by

7. Talk Metaverse

Talk, research, and share more about Metaverse, and virtual reality in order to attract potential metaverse-based projects and companies. The days are not long before you can expect to become a millionaire just by promoting and talking about Metaverse.

We all know the web industry is changing. It’s not the same as it was before. And it’s not going to remain the same as today. Being early in the industry is the core success mantra to lead in this market.

Bigger brands have already adopted the metaverse and preparing for the future:

8. Inter-Country Video Content

You being a creator have always thought of targetting the audience of the country you live in. Explore more opportunities and this time create specific content for people in another country. Just ensure the niche you have chosen is familiar to your knowledge. If not, you can study more about what people in X country are interested in.

For instance, a person living in UAE makes a specific car drifting video content for an interested audience in the United States. Similarly, a Pakistani guy interviews citizens, asking for opinions about Indians and their interesting work culture.

This strategy will definitely increase your Per 1000 Views Revenue.

You may release such content anywhere on TikTok, Reels, FB, or YT platforms.

9. 2+ Shared-Blog

If you’ve been a publisher, or are on the urge of being a blogger, it’s better to start with someone smarter than you. Or at least one should be good at writing and researching. If you evaluate the past of successful bloggers and publishing companies, one person may fail to build an empire. However, one team cannot fail to achieve the desired goals.

In terms of monetization, several ad networks viz. Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine and so on can give you a good start to make money online in 2023. Besides relying on ad networks, head starting with affiliate marketing could drive loads of money. However, this requires smart writing skills to convert a user into a consumer.

On the other hand, you may integrate Google web stories to get your blog to appear in Google Discover. The more your stories appear in Discover the more traffic you get. And earning money online in 2023 could get a lot easier. However, this requires a consistent effort of publishing 8-10 trending stories a day. It’s better you hire a person to work on the web stories part. Because the moment you take a gap of even a single day, the traffic may get down to zero (0).

Working with a partner or an employee with constant effort can immensely make money online with no to low hurdles.

Learn the blogging journey from 4 Weeks to 12 Months: Right from the Baby Blog to its maturity level.

Conclusion On Make Money Online 2023:

No matter what platform you choose to make money online in 2023. However, 1 task is common i.e. being CONSISTENT and DISCIPLINED with your work. Publishing or creating 1 post each day is ultimately going to bring in a huge difference. And so will attract more traffic. Making revenue is eventually going to take place if planned strategically.

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