How Much Did Bakery Products In Australia Made (In Millions)?

The cumulative of major bakery products in Australia made millions.

The bakery businesses are just doing so well. Especially the top four items on the display shelf. Still, the recent numbers are yet to come.

Here you can get a glimpse of the data in relation to the bakery items. This is how much the bakery products in Australia made:

ItemsFigures (in millions) AUD
Tarts Cakes2.34
Cakes 176
Bakery Items (Fig. in AUD) – Australia (2015)

Baked Products in Australia
Baked Products in Australia – Figures in AUD – 2015

As you can observe, the Tarts made around 2.34 Australian million dollars. Pies accumulated nearly 2.8 million AUD.

The impressive figures were made around 11.7 AUD in millions.

Whereas, the general category of cake items contributed the highest about 176 million (AUD).


The high demand for cakes including the cheesecake cumulatively made around 187.7 Australian million dollars. You can see the potential of the baking business for succeeding.

No matter it’s being operated from home or store. Delivering quality baked commodities is vital.

Thinking of starting your own cake-making business in Australia or New Zealand.

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