Become an Entrepreneur Being a Woman (Guide: Decades Before Vs.Now)

To become an entrepreneur the majority of women either put every endeavor effort to achieve the goal, and some simply give up in the first year itself.

The primary question rises here, why most of the entrepreneurs out there are men? And why do women entrepreneurs are a few? The mindset of a modern woman is somewhere stuck with what the past generations have passed on to them. The inheritance of thoughts is unacceptable as they stop you from being an independent woman.

Not long, but a journey of a woman’s life 2 decades prior has a terrible picture in terms of entrepreneurship.

Australia being a multicultural country has embraced the people across the globe. And has provided substantial opportunities to grow equally for men and women.

Whether you accept it or not, still there are people from some nations where men and the senior members are awfully dominating.

Let’s visualize the general circumstances that were old and unacceptable for a woman to become an entrepreneur.

Female Entrepreneurs – 2 Decades Before

  • No to Low Equivalency: Discrimination from men’s standard (especially in South-Asia). In the matter of Status, Education, Career, Unethical behavior and denial of necessities. All were the barriers for women to grow their home-based business from local to the stages beyond.
  • Less Qualification: Less educated women had certain limits to work locally. As she has less knowledge in Planning, Management, Implementation, Marketing and Expansion of the business.
  • Less Skilled to No Experience: Ladies before had no technical skills, communicational skills or leadership skills. This caused to less experience or no experience counted to some extent.
  • Tough Time: Tough to handle and organise due to less investment and time. Add up no social support, no encouragement, no recommendations at all made it literally difficult.
  • Less Profit No Goodwill: Low Branding to Lower Sales Rate taking further to Low Sales and Profit Vice versa.

Female Entrepreneurs Now – This Could Be You!

The ambitious women now have high potentials to establish their business and brand in the market. Still, only a few women succeed in doing so.


Here are some of the reasons –

Equivalent In Status – But Still Struggling

Fortunately, the discrimination level has been extremely brought down.

Women now are independent by every means of Status, Education, Career Development, Liberty, and Ethics.

Barriers now are restricted from restricting women’s away.

In the ’20s, in terms of entrepreneurship, very few women are digging the gold.

This does not necessarily mean the others aren’t doing well. Despite their potentials, there’s something that’s stopping them.

Two of the reasons could be Not Putting Enough Effort In Achieving Goals and Low Confidence in Defeating Competitors.

What to do?

Give at least 1 year to your business instead of giving up. The first is generally an introductory stage which is slow but growing. You need to find several ways to promote your business in the first 6 months. The consistent marketing for 6 months is going to crush your competition remarkably.

Qualified – But Not Utilizing Kowledge To The Fullest

Even though women are literate, not all make appropriate utilization of educational resources. To become an entrepreneur, most of them put unnecessary effort in the wrong direction. And keep fingers crossed awaiting something good to happen. This strategy is extremely unfavorable. As may eat up crucial Time & Energy lowering your faith in yourself eventually letting you give up!

To Do:

  1. Identify your skills and enlist the areas where you can utilize those.
  2. Educate youself and the others through the convinient medium. This method restores your knowledge and multiplies the growth of practicality.
  3. Implement your knowledge through products and services you deal with
  4. Keep updating youself through reading books, attending seminars or enrolling the courses.

Skilled But Unproductive To Become An Entrepreneur

For a woman to become an entrepreneur successfully, she needs to be highly productive.

You are skillful! Where’ve you applied it?

Are you able to create productivity out of these skills?

If not, you won’t see any progress, no matter how good planning & managing qualities you’ve got.

Create some platforms to showcase your creativity.

Creative skills are more about revealing. Unless the talent is promoted digitally grabbing the attention of at least 100 needy people, it remains less valuable.

Making Profits But No Goodwill

At some point in entrepreneurship, you’ll make enormous profits. This is possible by pushing the products or services consistently. You may even make the highest turnover in the history of your business. But somewhere the no to low goodwill is going to create a negative impact too.

It’s a saying that:

Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.

– Marshall Field

Emphasize building a brand and serve its value. A reputed business can change the perspective of customers when they think of you.

To Conclude

A few tasks about entrepreneurship that’ll add up more value to you:

  1. Updating yourself, your skills and the entrepreneurship strategies
  2. Outreach your audience through right Marketing and Content Creation (Video, Image & Text) techniques
  3. Effective copy writing to drive more leads
  4. Improve personal and product branding

Overall for a woman to become an entrepreneur needs to have a mindset of a millionaire. This will keep on driving you sturdily in the right direction.

An entrepreneurship growth & Increased sales would ultimately lead to Goodwill and Revenue for sure.

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