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7 Best Logo Maker Website 2023 – Free & Premium

Your logo is more than simply a symbol of your business. It’s a visual representation of your company’s goal and vision. To recognize the best logo maker, one has to be familiar with using at least 2-3 designing tools for better comparison.

With the number of quality logo-making websites, a beginner should always try out ‘Canva Pro‘ to save designing time. Whereas, a business, without compromising with the professional quality must use ‘Looka to stand out of the crowd.

So it’s more than just a picture. Customers generally associate your brand with your logo.

Creating your logo may be a daunting task, given the significance of such a seemingly little part of your company.

Not to worry.

You may take your logo design to the next level with a variety of online logo creation software tools, even if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re just getting started with an online business, or if you’re seeking to spruce things up, these tools are a terrific place to start. Also, did you know that a well-kept dropshipping secret is the ability to design one’s own logo for free? Now that you’ve learned, you’ll be able to.

Which Logo Maker Is the Best?

Many free logo design software alternatives are available to help you develop an eye-catching logo. A sampling of the best:

1. Themeisle Logo Maker

I’d like to introduce you to our Themeisle Logo Maker, which has a user-friendly UI. You may use it to create a professional-looking logo for all of your online interactions. The use of many formats, in particular, may save a significant amount of time. All the pre-sized PNG files and favicons you need for social media, as well as (free!) SVGs for the website design, are included in your final download.

The pre-made designs and icons make it easy to create and download a basic logo in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for an abstract, combination, or pictorial logo design, you’ll find a wide variety of templates to choose from.

The design studio is simple to use, offering an infinite number of color schemes and font styles to choose from. Changing the wording before downloading gives you the opportunity to test and iterate before making a final choice.


Themeisle Logo Maker does not charge for pictures or SVGs, making it absolutely free to use.

2. Looka

According to the company’s marketing, Looka is designed to get you up and running with such a logo in only a few minutes. To make matters worse, if you’re fussy like me, it may take a little longer, and you’ll have to cut out the time you wasted hunting for an icon that caught your eye.

I’ll tell you what, my difficulties are quite comparable!

Look, on the other hand, is more than capable of upholding that promise. It’s quick and easy to customize your layout, icon, backdrop shape, and overall appearance using the step-by-step wizard. AI will do its thing once you’ve answered a few simple questions about what sort of logo you desire. Just keep clicking Generate until you discover the logo you want.

But are these AI-generated logos relevant? Then there was that one kid in the class who always raise their hand, no matter whether they knew the answer or not, and they got it correct about half the time. That’s how the logos turn out. As a result, there will be solutions that meet your specifications, as well as logos that leave you perplexed as to their purpose.

Changing the fonts, icons, and colors are all possible once you’ve selected a starting logo. There are also gradients, however, although you may choose your own colors, there are fewer alternatives when it comes to gradients. With regards to size and location, Looka has several limits. But the degree of customization available is restricted, and you can’t just drag and drop items to where you want them to go. With the help of sliders, you can adjust the size and location of your logo with respect to the layout you have selected and the rest of it.


The ‘Brand Kit’ pricing of Looka is a bit higher compared to other logo designing portals. And the reason is extremely professional quality and multiple printable choices.

Looka is generally preferred by those who are literally serious about their LOGO and BRANDING image. The one-time price starts from USD $20 to $198/yearly subscription.

The logo making here has a value, and so the conversion rate on sites with valuable logos is higher.

3. Canva

Beyond Imagination, Designing Like a Pro

Canva Pro has these features:

  • 100+ M Elements
  • Remove Background
  • Resize, 100 GB Storage
  • Branding Kit
  • Scheduling & More.

Canva may be used by both novices and pros. If you need to create anything from Facebook advertisements to infographics, this is the program for you.

Identify the sort of website you have and choose a logo design that matches. Then, alter its typefaces to make it more appealing. The logo is available in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats.


In general, Canva is free but with limited features. The unlocked Pro featured Canva, like professional icons and access to premium photos and more. All accessible at USD $12.95/month for the privilege.

The best suggestion for businesses and freelance designers – Start right away!

4. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill has a wide variety of logos to choose from, all of which are distinctive and easy to understand.

To begin, choose five of your favorite design styles. There are a number of particular templates that their system will produce at this point. Change everything from the arrangement of the logo to the icons in order to create the right face for your firm.


A logo may be yours for only $20. In this case, it would be a low-quality logo file. To get a better quality and more distinct variants, you’ll pay $65. If you run a large business and need additional features, upgrade to the $150 enterprise plan.

5. Hatchful

Shopify’s Hatchful is an easy-to-use logo maker. In only four to five clicks, you may create a large number of templates. Those who are just starting out will appreciate its user-friendly design. Choose your business location first, and then follow these instructions:

  • Choose a specialty.
  • Select your style
  • Enter the URL of your website.
  • Let us know how you plan to utilize the logo.
  • Choose from a wide variety of logos to create your own.

Edit your logo as much as you like if necessary. For your website and social media accounts, you’ll find logos in a variety of resolutions in each downloadable logo bundle.


Shopify allows you to design a logo for free. If you opt to purchase one of their premium logo templates, you will only be charged if you do so.

6. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a top-of-the-line logo-creation tool. It may assist you in determining the appropriate visual style for your firm.

Enter the name of your company and a brief description. You may choose the sort of logo you want to create in order to speed up the process (icon-based, name-based, or initial-based). A few typefaces will provide some logos. To give you a sense of how your logo would appear on other platforms, we’ve included a few examples.

On the website, business card, social media, as well as other places the manufacturer shows you how your logo would appear.


You may get a 15% discount by using the promo code meisle15.

You may choose from three different monthly subscriptions depending on the services you want to use.

The basic plan, which costs $4 a month, includes a high-resolution logo. Logo resizing and watermarking tools are included in the basic package, as well as full ownership.

In addition to creating a website logo, many people use this service to make business cards. The standard plan is $6 per month. You’ll be able to work with 500,000 icons and pictures to create visually stunning content.

As a premium member, you’ll have access to social media tools that will make your marketing efforts more efficient.

7. GraphicSprings

It has a page builder-like UI for creating logos. The left sidebar has all of its capabilities, and you may design your logo in any shape or form. Customization is completely up to you.

GraphicSprings is the best option if you’re looking for more control over the details. If you don’t know how to create a great logo, you may hire a member of their team to do it for you.


You may choose from four different price options with GraphicSprings.

This option is for those who merely want to design a high-resolution personalized logo, however, the file will only be accessible in JPG format at this price point.

You will be able to alter your logo at any moment, as well as change the resolution of the image. There is a PDF, PNG & JPG version of the file access, as well.

It includes a variety of add-ons, such as vector files and social media covers, for the price of $100.

Large-scale websites are best served by Platinum, which costs $200 per year. Is full of graphics-related elements, such as branded presentation templates and PSD files available for download.


A couple of the best logo maker within the list may confuse you a bit. Let me clear your doubt. If you are unaware of any of these logo makers, just go for Canva Pro. It has cool features for a beginner who no nothing about graphic designing. However, if you’re serious about your BRAND and LOGO presence on the web, I would personally recommend LOOKA. Why? Because with several options of enhancing your logo, the output is extremely beautifying and WOW look. And when you get it printed on any card, t-shirt, cup, or any product; you’ll never regret it!

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