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4 new ‘Blogging tips 2024’ you may not afford to miss out

Forget about the same old same old blogging strategies you were applying before that never got you any traffic. And the revenue most of you made (0.60) each day was disappointing. Today I’ll take you through some crucial Blogging tips that can improve your presence on the web, drive traffic, and hence generate revenue right in the 1st month of implementation. Here are 4 new blogging tips for you to succeed in 2024 in generating high-traffic-high revenue.

1. Think Like a Media/News Company When Planning The Articles

I know there’s a big difference between a media company and a blogger. However, the application of techniques on the content is still going to be similar. How come a new media company begins generating a handsome amount of revenue from their News Blog right in the first 6 months? Whereas, publishers fail in doing so even after giving out 2 years of time-span.

The only reason behind this is the DIFFERENT MINDSET.

The way News and Media Publishers think is way higher than what a blogger thinks about writing and growing the blog.

The differences between Media Blogger and Individual Blogger are:

Media & News Company BloggerIndividual Blogger
From Day 1 They Take Blogging As a Business estimating this will make them tons of money in the near future with consistencyProvide information based on personal views or by following other sources. On some occasions, real images and videos are embedded
They invest in at least 2 writers to keep hitting the publish buttonThey may not afford it initially, but they can publish each day if make a commitment to yourself
They spend time researching future-based contentThey spend time researching the competitors and their keywords
They provide real-time information using several sources e.g. Twitter updates, Forums, YouTube, etc.They replicate and modify the information when the info is already circulated in the market. And they barely use Twitter or Forums for research.
Publish on average 2-5 articles a day (and so they are fast)Publish 2-5 articles a week (and so that’s why they grow slow comparatively)
Provide real pieces of evidence in the form of Tweets, Images, videos, or interviewsThey take at least 4-5 years to form a brand identity (only if worked as per the terms)
They form their own brand and identity with quality of work and consistencyThey Never Give up because they know they are doing great
They Never Give Up, Bcz they know they are doing greatThey wait for results to appear even with minimum effort, and so most of them give up
They don’t do what other bloggers do, instead, they find & try new promotional tools e.g. Shorts, Web Stories, etc. They always do what others are doing, and not the majority of them use new promotional and branding tools.

So, this was the comparison between a media company blogging and an individual blogger’s work ethic.

2. Include At Least 1 Visual-Element (Except Featured Image)

The inclusion of special elements within your article makes it more genuine. This is an indication to users that what you are saying within your post is authentic. And so is supported by the piece of evidence in the form of a video or embedded social post.

This does not necessarily have to be your own content, but any other creators’ content that has high relevance.

And so I would suggest you embed YouTube videos, shorts, reels, or TikTok embeds within your article that match your content.

For instance, your blog is about Stock and Trading. Now if you are particularly talking about opening a trading account in your post. This will require some sort of tutorial that will make it easier for the user to understand the process. So you’d need to find a video on social media that explains the steps to open a trading account on the platform you’ve mentioned.

For best practice, start your own channel and social account where you can create quick short videos and reels explaining the matter.

This would generate an additional source of income, plus support your blog with real evidence.

3. Adapt Google Discover Bcz It’s The Future

I know publishers are aware of it but they just want to ignore it. The majority of publishers rely on SEO and organic search results. And wait for months and years to get their posts to appear in searches; hoping to make money online through ad networks. Relying on ad networks such as Adsense, Mediavine, Ezoic, AdThrive, etc. is not a bad idea. But is SEO the only option to generate revenue through these networks?

Absolutely not!

You might have seen some interesting feeds appearing in Google Discover (the Google search app).

I’ve personally spent hours analyzing how to get into Google Discover. Because there are some bloggers giving their best to appear, but they fail in doing so.

Google Discover is a highly interest-based feed section that has the potential to drive traffic in millions each month.

However, it has some strict criteria to get your blog posts to appear here.

If you want to watch what are the strict criteria of Google Discover for your posts to appear; do subscribe to the channel. Next week I will be publishing a video specifically on Google Discover.

The best part of this feature is that you do not need to drain your energy in writing long articles. The Discover may seem harder to get in, but trust me it’s pretty easy to get in if follow the right techniques.

4. Publishing Google Web Stories

Web stories are again a part of the Discover feature. However, you might need to hire a person to create dedicated stories on a regular basis to make it work. Web stories are quite challenging to me because they need more of your time to design the stories instead of writing them. It has worked successfully for some publishers. But most of them are still complaining about it.

This does not mean you should ignore it. You must give it a try at least for 45 days regularly posting 2 stories.

In terms of how to create stories, you’ll find 100s of videos on YouTube; that show you the process of how to download the plugin and create web stories from scratch.

From what I know, a few bloggers are making over $10K – $100K USD a month just through web stories. This comes with a good amount of research on trending topics and of course, designing ones.

Here’s a quick guide for you on Will Google Web-Stories Gradually Take a Boom In 2023?

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