Product Page Ranking With This Blogging Technique (Aldi’s product for instance)

There exist numerous methods to promote a product page. If you are trying to sell just ONE & only product you could definitely win over this technique. But it does not mean if you’ve got 10s of different products you can’t do.

You can possibly apply this method to outrank the competitors in SERP!

Before heading on, just ensure you are fulfilling the basic requirements of the product page.

These include the Product’s crucial info, pricing, on-page SEO, images, and estimated delivery

Here we go!

The primary step to boost the rank of a product page is:

Interconnect Product Page With Blog Post

Now you’d say, “this is nothing new, we’ve been doing this for years”.

If you’ve been doing this for years and are still unable to rank your page, you’re probably doing it with a lack of seriousness.

What I mean is, the process of generating an internal link from a relevant blog post to your page provides valuable credit within the system.

Generally, people say “you got to have some backlinks from good authority sites, mate”. Which is fine, but this is secondary.

Take an example of a cafe. You run a cafe business where you serve delicious coffee with pancakes to your customers; from the top of the menu.

A customer realizes something missing in here, what’s that?

It’s maple syrup.

The customer asks don’t you serve maple syrup with the pancakes?

And guess, you say oh! You need maple syrup, actually no! But we can make it available for you from the shop next door.

Are you getting what this means? The shop next door is a third-party authority site that may provide you with a link to boost your credibility?


Overall, your menu card is incomplete, it cannot fulfill customer’s needs. This actually means you don’t need to rely on third part authority backlinks.

But generate your internal links more and more maintaining the relevance.

This will provide your customers tons of information with multiple options to hop within your site. Without questioning or leaving your site and rushing to the shop next door.

You don’t need any recommendations from 3rd person if you have a solid product to sell; a solid internal linking system.

Ensure you write sufficient posts about that product & for that product to see the results.

What is Blog-Chain?

Well, the blog chain is writing 10s of articles to groom 1 primary article.

Lengthy pillar post where medium to long relevant posts are linked to enhance its value.

You call it pillar post, I call it mother post!


Nothing offensive,

A mother of 5 kids has the high potential and capability to handle 5 kids at a time than a mother with a single kid.

I’m not demeaning or comparing one of the mothers. But picturizing the load of work which is smartly managed.

The more, the better!

ACTION: Write at least 7 posts related to the Product page. Once you write follow the 1st step of interconnecting blog posts with the page.

This is what I did to rank my pages.

And this strategy will help you defeat 70% of your competitors, that’s a big number!

Blog chain example – 6 Children Posts to 1 Mother Page

Mother Page linked by 6 Children Posts

In order to improve the ranking of ‘Product Page,’ it should be chained with at least 7 blog posts forming the internal links system.

I applied a similar method for product page ranking, to rank one of my blog posts making it act as a mother post.

1 Keyword

2 Months
#2 Rank
Competitor = Aus Govt.

How did I compete with the Government websites and other High-Authority sites ranking #2 in less than two months?

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