19 YouTube Influencers in Australia and New Zealand

If you’re looking to grow your brand, reach out to potential customers, and grow your business, you should consider leveraging YouTube. There are plenty of YouTube influencers in Australia and New Zealand with large followings who may be open to collaboration. These social media superstars can bring a lot of visibility to your brand if you play your cards right.

Read on for our list of YouTube Influencers in Australia and New Zealand that are worth reaching out to.

List of YouTube Influencers in Australia

When you think about it, there are many reasons why influencers in Australia are so successful and why an audience there would respond so positively to them. For example, most Aussies love outdoor activities and traveling; they can connect with accounts that focus on those things. They love animals and anything quirky or fun-loving – attributes that make plenty of YouTubers stand out among their peers in other countries.

Shani Grimmond (1.4m youtube subscribers)

Shani Grimmond is one of the known YouTube influencers in Australia. This Australian blogger and social media influencer has turned her passion into a rewarding career as a beauty influencer. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2011, she has Endeared her fans around the globe. Her love for all aspects of beauty has helped her to produce a wide range of content across social media channels. Her product endorsements have proven to shape the success of any brand.

Tammy Hembrow (1.31m youtube subscribers)

Tammy Hembrow has had a significant impact on the world of beauty, lifestyle, and fitness as one of the most well-known Australian YouTubers. Adored by millions of fans across the globe, Tammy has turned her work as a social media influencer into her very own business empire. Among other things, she has published videos that show her transformation into a body built for pregnancy. She continues to document the highs and lows of parenting while working with brands such as Protein World to help them raise their public profile and strengthen their commercial success.

Troye Sivan (7.67m youtube subscribers)

Troye Sivan is one of the world’s most famous Australian pop stars and a hugely influential personality on YouTube. Having begun to make his name posting his renditions of some of the world’s biggest pop hits, Troye Sivin quickly moved into the exciting world of vlogging, amassing millions of subscribers with his fusion of music and chat. As one of the best-known music personalities today, Troye has become ideally placed to strengthen brand awareness.

Chloe Morello (2.65m youtube subscribers)

Chloe is one of the leading YouTube Influencers in Australia with millions of YouTube subscribers and counting. She specializes in beauty and fashion, captivating people from around the globe. She has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious beauty brands, such as Pixi Beauty, making her the perfect fashion and beauty blogger to work with for promotional campaigns.

Cody Simpson (1.05m youtube subscribers)

Cody Simpson is an Aussie superstar. Cody Simpson is the ultimate influencer as a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and model. With millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube channels, it’s no wonder Cody has a queue of brands lining up to work with him. Cody makes for the perfect Australian influencer to collaborate on various campaigns with an audience.

How Ridiculous (11m youtube subscribers)

How Ridiculous, a group of Australian popular YouTube content creators, creates videos, trick shots, and sports-themed content. Known for dropping objects from a great height, this trio makes for thrilling viewing. Having amassed a large and loyal following on its YouTube channel, How Ridiculous is able to reach a very specific target audience that will help raise brand awareness and increase website traffic.

Michael Finch (895k youtube subscribers)

Michael Finch is one of Australia’s most successful beauty gurus. He has amassed a following of hundreds of thousands on Instagram, and Michael is known for his makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews. Having worked with some of the most well-known names in the industry, including Olay, Michael is an expert in all things beauty. With such a loyal following, Michael is an ideal partner to help share our products.

Bella Fiori (2.53m youtube subscribers)

Bella Fiori has reached an extensive Australian and international audience as beauty, travel, lifestyle, and crime YouTubers. She uses her videos to bring her subscribers about her experiences as a voluntary worker at an animal shelter by informing them about the difficulties faced with rescuing and finding homes for abandoned animals. Her posts about breaking news and the latest trends in law enforcement also keep people excited about what’s going on around them.

Dianne Buswell (269k youtube subscribers)

Starting as a professional dancer, Dianne now vlogs and has her own YouTube channel. In 2017 she became an Australian YouTuber when she joined the fifteenth series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She posts to Instagram and YouTube and documents her days while playing pranks on people and posting about her beauty products.

Samantha Robinson (53k youtube subscribers)

Samantha Robinson rose to fame on Instagram. The Australian YouTuber joined the video-sharing platform YouTube and began posting about hair and beauty before venturing into more lifestyle-based content and soon began sharing daily vlogs. With a large and loyal following to go alongside her fun and infectious personality, Samantha can help brands improve their online presence and engagement.

List of YouTube Influencers in New Zealand

New Zealand is no exception when it comes to that trend. Influencers are a big part of marketing strategies for brands in this country, and YouTube remains one of the primary channels for reaching those audiences. Identifying and working with influencers can be tricky for marketers in any country. This article will give you a brief overview of the current state of influencer marketing in New Zealand and details on some relevant YouTube influencers you should consider collaborating with if your brand is interested in that sort of strategy.

Liam Thompson. (2m Youtube Subscribers)

Liam Thompson is a brilliant YouTube influencer with over 1 million subscribers on his channel. He has been making videos since the age of 15 and has gained popularity by creating comedy sketches that he uploads to his YouTube channel. His most popular video is called “I’m Just Asking Questions,” over 4 million views. Liam’s channel is also known as “Liam Makes Videos.”

McCreamy. (8.01m Youtube Subscribers)

McCreamy is another popular YouTuber who has made a name for himself by making videos about his life, social media, and relationships. His most popular video is called “I got rejected from my school prom!” which has over 3 million views. McCreamy’s channel was initially named “McDreamy Vlogs,” but he changed it after getting several copyright strikes from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy because someone else had trademarked their name and got him into trouble with YouTube for sharing content from their show on his channel without permission!

GoodGuyFitz (5.54m Youtube Subscribers)

GoodGuyFitz is an actor and comedian who has been on the NZ comedy circuit for over ten years. He has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly posts videos about his life as a Kiwi dad and husband. He is also known for his impressions of other famous YouTubers, including PewDiePie, Markiplier, and JackSepticEye.

William Waiirua (4.65k Youtube Subscribers)

William Waiirua is a kiwi musician who has made countless acoustic covers of popular songs like Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran and Let Me Love You by DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber on YouTube for his more than 1 million subscribers! William has become one of the most famous Kiwi musicians on YouTube thanks to his incredible voice, charming personality, and fantastic sense of humor!

Caito Potatoe (537k Youtube Subscribers)

Caito Potatoe is a comedian from New Zealand who uploads videos about his everyday life and has over 1 million subscribers on his channel. His videos have been watched more than 150 million times since he started posting them in 2015. He also has another channel called Caito Potatoe 2, where he posts vlogs about his travels around the world, which has over 1 million subscribers.

Sushi Gummy Bear

Sushi Gummy Bear is another comedy channel created by two best friends who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Their videos include comedy skits and challenges with friends, which have been viewed more than 100 million times since they started posting content in 2016 (they also have another channel called Sushi Gummy Bear 2). They don’t have an exact number of followers yet, but it’s fair to say they’re doing pretty well for themselves!

Dolan Dark (1.66m Youtube Subscribers)

Dolan Dark is an online influencer and YouTuber from New Zealand. He has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 1 billion views. He has collaborated with many other YouTubers like PewDiePie, JacksFilms, Markiplier, Emma Blackery, etc.

Shannon Harris (3.05m Youtube Subscribers)

Shannon Harris is a YouTuber with nearly 2 million subscribers. She uploads videos related to beauty and lifestyle, and the content is informative and helpful for viewers. Her channel has more than 3 million views.

Brooklyn Kelly ( 120k Youtube Subscribers))

Brooklyn Kelly is another popular YouTube Influencer in New Zealand who has almost 712k subscribers on her channel. She uploads videos related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics. She has also been featured in many videos by different brands like Pantene, Garnier, Maybelline, etc. These have helped her gain more views on her channels and followership. Her channel has more than 1 million views on its videos so far!

From sponsorsip prespective, some of these YouTube influencers get thousands of requests daily, so you have to make sure your request stands out and is personalized for them specifically.

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