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$2000 Per Week: Make Money With ChatGPT Faster (July 2024): 10 Examples Explained

It’s quite noisy out there, but I’m not here to explain what ChatGPT is. I’ll actually show you ‘How to Make Money With ChatGPT Faster‘, let’s understand.

The only reason why we fall behind within our niche or industry is speed. Basically, we don’t have enough time to get things done due to multiple tasks, and the limitation of hours. And so we end up either hiring people or leaving the work undone.

  • If you are a coder, you’ll take days and weeks to write a particular script and get the expected output.
  • If you’re in the marketing industry, it might be quite challenging to research your competitor due to 100s of results appearing in the search result.
  • If you are a blogger, Publisher, or News Company, writing an article is definitely challenging on a daily basis.
  • Even YouTube and Instagram Creators can research and get scripts written, saving hours; and not spending any money on hiring writers.

Now you don’t need to go through any of that:

In order to solve all your problems, you basically need to start using Open AI’s ChatGPT.

The speed of working and the way you make money can be dramatically increased with the use of this feature. No wonder why Google is kind of worried about users’ behavior as most of them are shifting to ChatGPT to ask their queries. Here’s a look at Google vs. ChatGPT

So, who is ChatGPT for?

The answer is, it is for everyone:

  • The Coders
  • The Traders
  • Marketing Experts
  • Writers & Publishers
  • Social Media Creators
  • Health Trainers
  • Designers
  • Students

And anyone who wants to get their task done in a few seconds or minutes, instead of spending hours and days for the same job to be accomplished.

We’ll quickly cover 10 Examples of ‘How to make money with ChatGPT‘ and how this Ai-based ChatGPT can get faster results; for any task to be done within your industry, without even spending a dime:

Let me inform you, if you’re not interested in making passive income-generating tools or programming, you can skip the first three examples, and begin from the 4th. For better understanding watch all of it, you never know, it could be helpful.

Let’s look into 10 Prompt Examples:

1. Write a Script or Code For Tools

I just typed in ‘write a script to convert PDF to JPEG image’.

Now you can see the system has already begun typing in the code for you. This specific code can be used in converting PDF to JPEG image tools.

As you might be aware there are sites that already provide such services for instance: SmallPDF or ILovePDF or FreeConvert.

These sites basically provide services based on similar tools where you can convert any file format to any file format.

When we look into the FreeConvert site, they show Display Ads. And through display ads, they make a good chunk of money by getting thousands of Ad Impressions each day.

Simultaneously, if you want to create similar free tools, ChatGPT can help you get the script to design your very own tool that could be added to your Passive Income stream.

Earning Potential Is: Over $2k-$3K P/W With a Min. of 1-2 Clients

Another script or code example is;

2. Chrome Extension

‘How do I write an Ad Blocker Extension Script for chrome’

Now, this is making wonders in no time.

If you’re a programmer, you already know how to implement or deploy the code. And make such extensions for your own project or for your clients.

Especially the freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr could get benefitted from this Ai platform, serving clients more by reducing the duration of order delivery.

Earning Potential Is: Over $500-$1000 P/W With a Minimum of 4-5 Clients

3. Game Coding & Designing

Game designers might show interest in this 3rd example; Were I asked Chat GPT to ‘write a simple word game script for me

And this is what it gave me.

It’s literally writing a simple word game code where fruit names are the primary elements or options you can say.

The guess limit is set to 6

The rule of the game has been assigned.

The ‘If’ condition i.e. If you win the word guessing game, the output is going to be ‘Congratulations, you have won!’

Else will say ‘You have run out of guesses! The word was’

Giving you the correct answer.

This is extremely helpful for beginners to start with.

One can either create their own games and make them available in the marketplaces such as PlayStore.

If not, serving the client option is always open to begin generating some revenue.

Earning Potential Is: Over $2k-$5K P/W With a Minimum of 1-3 Clients

Let’s Jump into our 4th example:

4. Channels & Sources For Cuisine or Food Recipe Content

I just typed in ‘Give me a perfect recipe for Tuscan Chicken

And here it is. It has already begun writing a recipe for me that I can use in I Blog posts or YouTube Videos.

You just need to make a little bit of tweak by mentioning an additional ingredient of your own just to make it unique thoroughly.

For foodies, food bloggers, and recipe channels, this Chat GPT is going to save a hell lot of time in researching the recipes. So you can focus on consistency and deliver more content every day. The more you give to the audience, the more you’ll make revenue.

Earning Potential Is: Over $2k-$4K On Personal Project or $2K-$5K P/W With a Minimum of 5-7 Clients

5. YouTube Shorts Creators

For YouTube shorts creator, ChatGPT is going to be a game changer.

Generally, video creators are a kind of worried about what upcoming content should be.

They just have to type in the list of topics within their niche, and they’ll get everything they want.

Let’s say the topic is ‘Why is NasDaily so popular?’

Here you get the 4 reasons that you can easily explain within your YouTube Shorts or even Instagram Reels or Tiktik videos.

The topic, let’s say:

‘How did Kim Kardashian get rich?’

Now you cross-check the information on the web if you want to. And begin recording your videos with that ease.

And as you already know YouTube has begun monetizing the Shorts. Now you shouldn’t have any excuse for finding and researching the content.

Earning Potential Is: Over $5K-$8K On Personal Project or $1K-$1.5K P/W With a Minimum of 3-7 Clients

6. Fitness and Health Questionnaire

You can ask Open Ai ChatGPT any complicated or confusing question that generally humans aren’t sure about.

For instance:

You are a gym trainer, ask me a question with 4 options, 1 has to be correct.

And the query with the right answer and its explanation is right in front of you.

Now in order to make money with ChatGPT, the Health Freaks and Fitness Trainers could create similar Questionnaires and Post those on their INSTAGRAM Handle to increase engagement.

Let your followers answer the question in the comment section. So you can come up with an accurate answer the next day.

This increases the chances of your Instagram account flourishing more and hence generating a good amount of revenue through Bonuses & Private Deals.

Earning Potential Is: Over $2K-$4.5K On Personal Project or $2K-$5K P/W With a Minimum 7-10 Clients

7. Astro and Scientific Studies

What’s the plan of NASA?’

Helpful for students and Researches to accumulate information in brief.

I wish we had this in our school times. Anyways, it is here for us now. At least we can get our projects successful.

Earning Potential Is: Over $500-$1500 P/W With a Minimum of 4-8 Clients

8. Professional Bio, Cover Letter & Resume

To make money from ChatGPT, you can develop professional writing skills. The advantage of it is that in no time you can provide bio-data and recruitment support services.

I asked the system to ‘write a professional resume as an inventory controller with 4 years of experience for me, to impress the recruiter’.

And you can see the result.

This seems to be really impressive.

Now, this is not limited to your use case.

If you’re a freelancer or want to be one. You can provide writing professional Resumes and Cover Letters for your clients.

Don’t you think this would be an add-on to your revenue sources, with minimal effort?

Earning Potential Is: Over $300-$1000 P/W With a Minimum of 5-8 Clients

9. Equation and Math Problems

Here’s the 2-variable equation I found on the web, that needs to be answered

This equation shows how the amount Lucas earns from his after-school job depends on how many hours he works:e = 12h. The variable h represents how many hours he works. The variable e represents how much money he earns. How much money will Lucas earn after working for 6 hours?

And here is the answer to the problem, 72 Dollars.

This kind of query might not generate revenue for students, however, if one is intending to provide tuition or coaching classes. This system is going to be extremely helpful, and monetarily rewarding.

Earning Potential Is: Over $300-$1.5K P/W With a Minimum of 5-7 Students

10. Ask any Query

For example: ‘List smart YouTubers in the world

And here’s the fact being generated right in front of you.

Another Ask Any Query example is:

‘Which popular games are safe to make money from?’

And I guess the gamers will not deny the answer.

Besides these you can generate revenue from:

  • Writing Ad copies, email copywriting
  • Writing letters, mock interviews, and articles
  • Rephrase and update already written content for your old blog posts
  • Correct grammatical mistakes
  • Do calculations and much more.

Conclusion On ‘How to make money with Chat GPT‘:

There’s absolutely nothing that you can’t do with this Open Ai’s ChatGPT machine.

Now that you’re aware of how ChatGPT can actually change the way you work and open new doors of revenue sources.

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