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Should I Start A Food Truck Business In The UK | Australia | Canada?

A few years prior the food truck business model barely existed in Australia. So what made this happen to be in most of the popular suburbs now? And you think one should get it started?

Yes, for sure you should start a food truck business. Why, because the demand and craving for street food is exponentially rising. Especially, the food truck business establishments are seen across the popular cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and vice versa.

When foreigners visit Australia, somewhere they miss the street-style food; which is not the culture of Australia. When you observe the food vans around, the majority of customers are new residents and students.

Australia now has numerous food trucks and vendors that you’ll find around the popular corners.

Food trucks have been increasingly favored in Australia over the last years, following foreign patterns. While ice cream trucks have been around for generations, food trucks now provide everything, including cinnamon rolls to Columbian street food – and everything else in between.

How about starting a Food Truck in UK or Canada?

The market in the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States is wider and completely different from that of Australia.

Though Australia imports tons of goods from other countries, it has its own branding under the Country’s Name.

Generally, the consumers when given the option to try out snacks made in a foreign country. And the other is newly made in Australia. There are higher chances residents are going to choose the one made in Australia.

The label of ‘Australian Made’ is enough to acquire conversions.

On the other hand, the techniques applied in UK, USA, and Canada are based on a marketing mix. Different people, variety of choices, and multiple flavors.

The preferences of Australians are a lot different from that of mentioned countries.

Competitive Market

Long story short, the food truck business in UK and Canada is extremely competitive. The demand of consumers and love for street food has led the industry to acquire 1/3rd sector of the food market.

Especially, when it comes to festivals like in December and during the holy month of Ramadan; the Food Vans and tents are fully packed with the crowd.

Whereas in Australia you’d rarely get to see the crowd unless you are in a market like Queen Victoria Market (in Melbourne). So the surge in the suburbs of Australia for Food Trucks is gradually taking place.

Starting a food truck business, whether it’s a food truck, a van, or a tent, can be a very gratifying yet difficult process with its own set of issues. And with so much information to function, it’s understandable that it can be stressful. But don’t be put off! So let’s dive in! This helpful guide is created to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to start a food truck business idea off the ground, from brand and promotion to registrations and permissions.

It is essential to know everything about the food truck business before starting. Below are some of the pros and cons that will help you decide.


  • Possibility of being your boss and having more career control
  • If you are successful, the cash return will be greater than if you worked for someone else.
  • When compared to a restaurant or café, a smaller scale firm entails less financial risk.
  • Compared to cafés and restaurants, there are lower startup and ongoing costs.
  • Food trucks can be used to ‘test’ a business endeavor by hospitality operators who want to open a café or restaurant.


  • Food trucks can still collapse, resulting in a significant burden and missed time.
  • Food trucks are a fairely new concept, which may make obtaining an extra loan challenging, especially if the owner has no past business experience.
  • State regulations apply.
  • Current hospitality establishments in the area may be pushed to the side by food trucks.
  • To be a famous food truck entrepreneur, you’ll need a variety of skills in addition to hospitality, such as business and financial administration.
  • Employee duration may be shorter than in other businesses, implying a more significant time commitment in recruiting and training new employees.

Now that you know every advantage and disadvantage of starting a food truck business, you can go ahead with the process and tips of starting a food truck business in Australia

Things To Keep In Mind While Starting A Food Truck Business In Australia

Market Research

Before making any conclusions about a new project, it’s a good idea to analyze the market. It can help you figure out whether your startup idea will work before you invest any money. There are various types of market research to consider, including:

  • Who are the people who are most likely to purchase your food items, and where do they live?
  • Who else is providing this industry, and how will you differentiate yourself?
  • Will there be enough demand for yet another food carts seller in this market?
  • Market research can be carried out in a variety of ways, including:
  • Speaking with current food truck operators and event planners
  • Observing the types of trucks present at events and how active they are
  • Obtaining information from trade associations

Will You Make Revenue

It’s critical to know how much it’ll cost to start and run your company. If the food truck is your primary source of income, you’ll need to figure out how much income it needs to bring in. You’ll also need to figure out your total costs, as well as forecast how much you’ll sell. The free financial planning tools might assist you in calculating these figures. Remember that many locations will charge you for a permit to sell, so add it to your budget.

Because outdoor activities in Western Australia are periodic, there may be months that really are busy than others. Consider how you’ll manage your cash flow throughout the year.

What Types Are There To Choose From?

When you are starting a food truck business, you don’t have to buy the most costly truck on the marketplace. There are multiple  venues to choose from, including the following:

  • Baskets with food. These are tiny and portable, making them great for lunchtime and Sunday crowds.
  • Food trucks are on the move. You’ll have had more choices here, both in regards to the kind of cuisine you may make and the locations you can choose from
  • Evaluate these “big three” possibilities when it comes to your personal dietary style:

  1. Informal: The “casual” menu usually includes fried nibbles and classic favorites.
  2. Exquisite: Look for higher-quality components and prepare them for casual consumption.
  3. Expertise: Do you live on a beach where seafood reigns supreme? Do you concentrate on a single type of ingredient?

Any Qualifications Required?

When working in the food sector, there are particular training criteria that must be met. This means that all employees (including yourself) working in the business must pass basic food handling and food safety training before starting work. Accredited training classes (accessible both the internet and through local training institutions in your home state), instruction booklets, and training are all alternatives for such training.

As a business enterpriser, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are adequately trained. And develop a training plan and induction program that includes food safety and storage instruction. This is considered best practice. At the same time, the program is not a legal necessity, but the food safety and hygiene is.

It’s also worth noting that several states mandate you to have a Food Hygiene Supervisor on the worksite. Before they can start working in the role or train other employees, this individual must be properly trained and licensed. The Australian Institute of Food Safety provides a variety of appropriate training classes and information on how to perform your microbial investigation.

Marketing And Branding

Selecting a brand name and style for your food truck, van, or mobile is the primary step of all. Then, devising the menu, is where you can really let your imagination run wild. You may want to choose anything that is closely related to your product, or you may want to surprise your customers with something hilarious or unusual.

A basic website and social media are the ideal good starting points when it comes to advertising your business. It’s free to get started with social media, and it’s an amazing way to communicate your position to your clients, so it should become your new best buddy. The social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are all viable possibilities. Why not try your luck at developing your own website if you’re tech-savvy? There are a variety of low-cost and user-friendly popular platforms that make it quite simple to put up an essential website. As your business grows, word of mouth will play an increasingly important role in your marketing technique. You can also think about joining an organization like the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group to assist you.

License And Registration

Starting a food truck business will need you to overcome a few obstacles, but it is not difficult. Because a food truck must address the critical level of food safety, you should be able to obtain essential food processing licenses and permits. The same strict standards apply to mobile food units as they do to restaurants, such as the following:

Food safety courses that are nationally accredited should be provided to all new employees you recruit.

In many places, having a Food Safety Supervisor on staff is necessary. They must be professionally trained and qualified; in Australia, you can look through applications to locate people who have previously been fully registered. recommends obtaining the necessary business and food safety licenses from the local government. There is no single solution to your licensing and pricing inquiries because they fluctuate from state to state and territory to territory.

For more info visit VIC or NSW


The above article has mentioned every necessary detail to start a food truck business in Australia with proper guidelines. It’ll get your food truck processing faster than you could! As you decided to open the emerging food truck business type in Australia; it is worth knowing every tiny detail about the industry.

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