Start My Own Mens Hair Salon

How Do I Start My Own Men’s Hair Salon or a Barbershop- Making It Highly Profitable?

I would be clear here! Starting a barbershop, or planning to start my own men’s hair salon is a completely different business concept. How is that so?

According to the skills carried out, the barbershop is primarily focused on rudimentary hair cuts and shaves. Whereas, hair salons including the classics, put more emphasis on hairstyling and grooming your look.

Within the ongoing competition, the boundary between a barbershop and a hair salon is disappearing. That means to say, barbers now are contributing towards styling the hair too. On the other hand, the stylers do majorly focus on the classic haircutting requirements of the customer.

Understanding your own skills making a clear decision about business is important.

Start My Own Men’s Hair Salon / Barbershop

Thinking of business only for men is a filtered niche. It provides you with a clear vision to focus on male styling necessities. The broader niche including women’s styling comes with a bit more complexity for a new entrepreneur. There’s a vast difference in expense, recruitment, and managing tasks when it comes to the unisex salon.

Deciding on men’s hair cuts and styling is much manageable comparatively.

Some pivotal steps to start with:

Study The Requirements Of Customers In Your Area

Location is going to play an indispensable role here. If you don’t want to initiate with your suburb, that is still okay. But the locality you choose be an active spot to target.

For instance, within North Melbourne, there are some popular suburbs which you can enlist for prior research. If taken shopping center in Broadmeadows, the crowd can attract you to set-up a business. But there already exist several barbershops and hair salons. Basically, competition over there is relatively high.

Also, the leasing rates would be high as well.

What’s the better option to choose a location for barbershop / hair salon?

The better to select a location for your business is by analyzing the ‘Next-Step’ requirement.

This means if you think of yourself planning to go to a barber. Get a nice and smooth shave, pay off the charge. And then what?

You might have something in your head planned to do after the shave? What is it? Is it:

  • Grabbing a cup of coffee
  • Get your brunch
  • Do some shopping
  • Wash your car
  • Or meeting up a friend

It could be any.

This will give you a clear indication of what do men do after a shave!

Similarly, you can decide the location of your shop near the cafe, street-food restaurants or near local shops. You may even think of near bakery for breakfast where you’d get more number of customers, especially on the weekend.

Setting up near the busiest car wash center or car parking spots would be cool too.

Establish Making It a Legal Business

As once you’ve finalized the location and the space you wanted. It’s time to make it legal thoroughly. It’s quite essential to have a word with a legal advisor prior to registering a business. The process of legality include:

  1. Get a Legal Advice
  2. Register ABN
  3. Register a Company/Business

Our legal partner has it all covered to get you started with a barbershop or hair salon. The process of making it legit has just got easier.

Styles & Looks

For multicultural countries like Australia, Canada, or the UK, deciding on the style menu won’t be a hassle. You being a business should be responsible to understand the common styles of customers according to their cultural background.

In Australia, the popular cities viz. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and vice versa; there live varied backgrounds of people. And your business should be capable of fulfilling its styling requirements.

Your customers would be from these cultural backgrounds:

  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Arabic
  • British
  • Turkish
  • Lebanese
  • African
  • Chinese
  • Somalian

Pardon, if some missed mentioning.

Not necessarily they would like similar classic haircuts. They all have different appearances and personalities. They may opt for popular hairstyles or may prefer the common look.

Hair Styles & Beard For Men From Arab, Turkish & Lebanese Background

Men from Arab backgrounds generally prefer hairstyles with a perfect beard.

For Oblong Face-Shape
Turkish Preferred

Popular Arab-style Beard:

  • Original Arab Tick Beard Sideburns
  • Goatee Thick Beard With Fine to Moderate Moustache
  • Stubble Beards
  • Omani Style Short Beard

Popular Haircuts and Styles – All Background

Some popular and evergreen Hairstyles and Haircuts for men:

  1. Undercut
  2. Military Haircut
  3. Pompadour or Textured Pompadour Hair style
  4. Flat top
  5. Quiff
  6. Buzz Cut
  7. Messy Hairy Style
  8. Fade
  9. Side Part
  10. Hipster Haircut

Arranging Finance For a Barbershop or Hair Salon

This step actually should be taken after your research for location is done. Having a sufficient amount handy prior to getting a lease contract is a smart move.

Like every business, the men’s salon will require some equipment and capital expenditures to go with. Also, promotional and marketing at the introductory stage of a business are significant too.

We’ve accumulated some ideas on how you could acquire money for your start-up business. Find them here, 10 sources of finance to start a business.

What Are The Equipment Required To Start My Own Men’s Hair Salon?

Here are some of the essential equipment required to give it a start. With the given recommended links below;

You may visit each of the product page, go through the details and buy it if you find them suitable.

Get started buying each item with ease.

How to Decide On Rate Card & Revenue Behind Each Customer?

Deciding on rates relies on these following factors:

  1. Location where your salon or babershop is located. If located in countryside the pricing should be relatively low compared to urban area.
  2. Interior & Service: The huge investment made on shop set-up, theme and equipment will lead you to increase the service rate. As you need to cover the investment cost within the set justation period.
  3. Team Of Professionals: Having a ordinary skilled team is good to recruit if your budget is tight. But the quality of products and service should be highly maintained. Further, a team of highly professional employees are eventually going to give satisfying outcome to the customers. They even build a reputation and branding of the business. And so the rates are set beyond standards.

If it’s you alone going to manage everything alone. Just make sure you handle customers followed by the appointments. Because for a sole person, managing multiple customers or keeping them waited for long will impact the businesses.

Your overall focus should be to get repeated business. Making them wait for too long will given them a strong reason not to visit your place again.

Promotion & Marketing Of Men’s Hair Salon & Barbershop Making It Highly Profitable

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