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Starting A Travel YouTube Channel In 2022? Travel Vlog Guide

“When I watch your films, I feel like I’m on a journey with you”. [‘Aussie Guide’s friend’s story when he started a Travel YouTube Channel back in 2021.]

He says, ‘One of my videos was mentioned in a remark by a viewer’.

It is not uncommon for me to get an email or Facebook message with the subject line “Hey! I have just seen your films…”

It was essential enough for me to share.

Using videos to interact with your audience is a powerful tool that may help you grow your business.

How to start a travel YouTube channel (and, if you want to develop your channel and subscribers, I’ll teach you how to do that as well) is the topic of this article.

What’s the use of making videos if no one watches them?

A well-rounded sensory experience that incorporates visual motion, music, narrative, and personality are what makes videos so valuable.

My passion for food photography and blogging never wavered, but I always felt there must be an improved way to capture the experience of dining out and the joy that comes with it.

I first realized this in 2011:

It was time to start filming and uploading travel and cuisine films to my YouTube account.

On that day, I decided to study how to produce vacation films (mainly food-focused) and how to improve video SEO on YouTube.

At initially, I had no idea what I was doing when it comes to filmmaking (and I only had a small point & shoot camera). My YouTube channel has been one of my primary revenue generators and traffic sources in recent years.

That’s why I’m saying it:

There is a huge market for videos. In addition, even if you are completely clueless and have no prior expertise, you may get started right away (and this guide will walk you through getting started).

How to Make YouTube Travel Videos

For one thing, producing trip films on your own gives you complete control over how and what to record, as well as how and when you upload your movie. You don’t have to wait for anybody else’s approval before putting your video online.

Here is a short formula for making vacation movies, and we’ll go into more detail about some of these themes in the subsequent sections.

Some Basic Steps:

Decide what your story is about.

The Harvard Business Review asserts that our brains are hardwired to want narratives and to follow along with them. Think about the tale you want to tell in your video before you begin filming.

Take a Video of Yours:

Now that you have your plot, it’s time to start shooting. As a photographer, I advocate taking a lot of both close-up and broad images. In addition, take a few more images for post-production use.

You may edit your video here:

Your video’s editing is the process of transforming the raw footage you shot into a logical narrative, allowing you to remove unnecessary sections and keep the overall flow intact. There is an element of puzzle-solving involved in the process of editing a video.

It’s time to get the word out:

It’s time to post and promote your video after you’ve finished creating it so that you can spread the word about your story to a wider audience.

Ideas for a Travel Video

To begin, you should consider the sorts of trip videos that interest you before you begin filming.

However, it is beneficial, to begin with creating videos. So after some experimentation, you’ll be able to narrow down the sorts of movies that you love creating, & that are most successful for your specific purpose.

Various kinds of video

Becoming a travel vlogger is a video version of a regular blog article. For the most part, travel vlogs don’t need to be professionally edited or produced. They tend to be highly personal, genuine and focused on the reality of the trip. Top vloggers create trust with their followers, according to BBC. I love vlogs since they don’t put me under a lot of pressure and are designed to be natural. In my vlogs, I also aim to provide useful information, such as where to stay and where to eat.

Videos of Travel Tips

The “Guide to visiting Delhi” or the “25 Things to Do in Tokyo” are good examples of travel guide videos. Rather than just documenting the travels of the creators, they are intended to provide resources or inspiration for others. Because these films may be optimized for search engines they can continue to be seen. Travel films may take some time to prepare and a lot of time in the editing room to produce. However, I’ve seen big results from these pillar-style films.

Videos for certain niches

First, I made a few YouTube trip videos and waited to see whether anybody would find them interesting enough to subscribe to my channel. However, when I began concentrating on my specialty, I chose to make the bulk of my films centered on food. Make videos based on what you’re passionate about and share them with the world.

Advertising or Explanation Films

When used in marketing and promotion, videos can be a powerful tool. You should consider making an “About Me” video for your travel blog as it is likely one of the most often visited sections on your site. Put your own face, voice, & personality into your blog to increase its trustworthiness and personability.

These are just a few examples of vacation videos that you might use to get your creative juices flowing.

But the best approach to find out what type of trip films you want to start creating is to start recording and posting and see what works as well as what you love.


Making travel videos for YouTube, in addition to launching a blog, was perhaps the finest move I’ve ever made in my online career.

We’ve outlined a step-by-step process for making YouTube trip films, but the information here applies to any kind of video you want to create, not just travel-related ones. Read the whole blog about starting a travel YouTube channel and must add value to this article by dropping a comment below.

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