Who Would Win The Featured Snippets In Google Search?

The answer is, “Only the smart ones”. People generally think, to win featured snippets in Google, one has to have exceptional SEO skills. But actually, the snippet is the game of CFT (CONTENT’s Formatting Technique), not the SEO. This technique is way too easier than research and SEO comparatively.

Know the short story “How I got 2 featured snippet results for my posts in the 1st month of the blogging journey.”

Add still hunting for more!

Literally, winning even a single rich snippet is equivalent to winning a war.

Let me tell you I’ve been familiar with these rich snippet results. I’ve acquired those in my previous blog as well. For some reason, I had to discontinue the blog.

Well, you might be wondering, why did I do that?

The reason is simple and common, just like the majority of bloggers start and judging the performance too early.

Yes, I did expect to make a blog profitable in the first year. The outcome I observed was below the expectations.

This was actually a mistake and learning too. I would always encourage bloggers to give a tough fight, just like how we made it.

How is Australian Street performing way better than the previous ones?

The answer is pretty straight – ‘Putting tremendous effort in the right direction.

Rushing for immense results in the 1st Phase of the blogging journey is too early to judge your skills. But still, something good can happen when you keep on writing 3k-4k words for each article. No one can stop you from winning the spot.

What did I do to win the featured snippets in the 1st month of blogging?

When you search the query in Google: “Start a Finance Company In Australia”.

This rich snippet is being shown by Google Search for the mentioned query in the month of August and September 2021.

You might see the result, as we know snippet doesn’t last long. It keeps on fluctuating depending on the competitiveness.

Win the featured snippets
Win the featured snippets

Why did this post win the featured snippet?

There are 3 reasons why.

As said, this post took me a week to complete a mother-post (pillar post). The word count was around 3800. I was excited to write this article as this is one of the lengthy giant-info. And it turned out to be a successful pillar post of Australian Street.

The competition in the Finance niche even in Australia is too tight. Moreover, this post did compete with Australian Government websites and other finance competitors. This includes finder.com as well.

The 2nd reason is a comprehensive article. An article that covers all the necessary points required for a user to start a finance company in Australia.

As you can see the heading ‘Get the paperwork ready…’!

Never thought Google would pick up this section of the content though there’s other crucial info present on the same page.

3rd reason is the structure of the section.

When you visit the page, you can see all the sections are differently formatted. Whereas this specific section for ‘Get the paperwork ready…’ is styled with the bullet points.

Overall, when you provide unique, lengthy content with multiple styles of content; Google would definitely pick one of those.

The Another Article Win The Featured Snippets As Well

Search the query in Google: “YouTube Earning Per 1000 Views 2022”.

A query-based post type. This style of post is completely different from the above.

The lengthy post based on finance is pillar post format. I call it the mother-post.

If you are unaware of types of posts and content in blogging. Dive into the 30 posts in 30 Days data info.

So, how did I win the featured snippets for this query?

It has 2 primary reasons:

  • Data included – The post include data/table which grabs the attention of Google, and so for the users. Do incorporate some charts, analytics, tables or similar data formats. These types of posts doesn’t really have to be long. It has only 750 words in count. Which completely makes sense why it is easy to evaluate the content.

  • Answered Question in no time – The user doesn’t care how long your article is unless he or she is researching the content. When a user enters a query, the pace of expected answer is extremely high. That means user wants to know the answer straight away without wasting a sec. And this is when your data format post plays a significant role. Overall, the point is you are answering users question instantly in a simple way.

Wrapping Up

It’s great you subscribed to premium content. Australian Street won’t let you regret this decision.

You’ll keep on receiving the superior data that ain’t easily available on the web.

Soon publishing the valuable story of how I defeated Government websites and other big competitors (including NAB & Finder). Just 1 keyword, 2 months, and #2 rank.

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