YouTube Content Creation In Australia? And How Much Youtube Pays?

YouTube is a powerful platform for marketers and businesses looking to reach their audience and build their brands. There are many different ways to create content for YouTube, and some of them can be pretty expensive, but it’s still possible to get started without breaking the bank. Australian YouTubers are some of the best in the world. YouTube is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, and you can see why. With so many talented people, choosing just one channel to watch is complicated. For your answer to ‘how much YouTube Pays in Australia’, try understanding the basics of the system.

Listed below are some of the most popular Australian YouTubers:

Top 3 Australian Youtubers

Ethan Marrell (Ozzy Man Reviews)

Ethan Marrell is a YouTuber who makes videos about the latest tech trends and does product reviews and unboxings. His channel has over 4 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular Australian YouTubers on the platform.

Jaiden Young

Jaiden Young is a famous Australian YouTuber with over 3.2 million subscribers on his channel. He has also been featured on many shows, including Good Morning America and Ellen.

Jaiden started making videos with his brother, but he has since branched out on his own and now has a large following. His videos are usually comedy skits or challenges filmed in his backyard with friends. He also posts vlogs and other things he is interested in at the time (such as Pokemon Go).

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a singer-songwriter from Australia who has released several albums since 2010. His most successful album was Blue Neighbourhood, released in 2015 and reached number 1 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart in 2016. Troye’s channel has over 10 million subscribers, placing it among the most often-used Australian terms.

Amount of money you can earn from YouTube in Australia.

To make money on YouTube, you must have at least 10,000 subscribers and 2,000 watch hours per month. Your earning potential is influenced by how much traffic your channel gets, how engaging your content is and how many views your videos get.

YouTuber views payment in Australia is based on every thousand views or watch time per month. The exact numbers vary depending on which country you live in and how popular your channel is. In Australia, you get $37.24 per 1000 views.

To understand, how much YouTube pays in Australia if taken $30 on an average per 1000 views.

For every video, with an in-demand niche (Finance, Insurance, etc.), 70% of Viewership, an Australian YouTuber earns an average of:

  • $210 for 10,000 subscribers with 70% Viewership (i.e. 7K Views),
  • $2100 for 100,000 subscribers with 70% Viewership (i.e. 70K Views),
  • $21,000 for 10,00,000 subscribers with 70% Viewership (i.e. 700K Views)

Ways to earn money with your YouTube channel in Australia

Here are the most popular ways to earn money with your YouTube channel.

1) YouTube pay for advertisements to show before or during videos they want their target audience to see. The advertisers pay based on how often the viewers watch the ad and how long they watch it. These ads are called pre-rolls and mid-rolls. You can put those ads on your videos or others if they allow you to do so.

2) If you have a popular channel, you can also get sponsorships from companies who want their products advertised on your channel because of its large number of viewers and subscribers. In return, these companies will pay you for each video featuring their product or service and give you free samples if necessary.

3) Adsense: You can access AdSense by going to your YouTube channel, clicking on the Monetization tab, and then clicking on the AdSense button. Once you’ve done that, You may view a list of all your eligible videos.

You must enable monetization for all those videos before Google starts selling ads against them and paying money. If a video were uploaded more than six months ago, it wouldn’t appear eligible until you enable monetization for it too.

Conclusion On How Much Youtube Pays in Australia

You can see numerous methods to make money on YouTube as an Australian creator; the best part is they’re all easy. If you want to begin profiting from YouTube today, follow the above steps.

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