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Blogging Journey 4 Weeks to 12 Months | Phase 1: Baby Blog | Comparison Table – Starting a Blog 2022

Starting a blog?

Nothing to discourage. Starting a blog in the year 2022 is not a big deal, but maintaining consistency is. Firstly, most of us get encouraged to initiate a blog excitingly. The first month either results in learning how to write a perfect blog or you literally write a couple of compelling articles. The next month you coerce to keep writing.

And guess what, gradually you lose interest in writing. You begin hating those numbers and expect at least some changes.

What if somebody makes your mindset saying “you’ll earn $0 in the first x months through blogging.” At this point, you’ll get a little hope that at least you made $1.08 better than average.  

Mastering The ’30

Here are the 5 phases of the Blogging Journey for 30 Months / 2.5 years:

  1. 1st Phase – 1 to 6 Months: Baby Blog
  2. 2nd Phase – 7 to 12 Months: Traction Time
  3. 3rd Phase – 12 to 16 Months: Fight The Comp
  4. 4th Phase – 17th to 24 Months: See The Rise
  5. 5th Phase – 25th to 30 Months: Now You Are Talking!

Just like every baby develops, your blog will grow similarly. 

We keep encouraging you to keep going because ‘in the blogging journey there’s never a resting stop’!

Starting a Blog? Here’s Your Blogging Journey From 4 Weeks to 12 Months

First 4 Weeks – 1st Month

Blog 1 Month

Immediate Action

Your baby blog is just born and hungry!

This means your website is ready to take the content.

Did you do these?

  • Domain & Hosting registration
  • Website theme set-up
  • Niche decided
  • Write 12 blog posts
  • SEO optimized
  • Get contact & privacy pages ready

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 0

Earnings: $0

Feeding your baby blog is the first thing to do after setting up your site. 

8 Weeks – 2nd Month

Blog 2 Months

Immediate Action

Babies from the 2nd month get hungrier than before.

Means: Write more and more content, it’s never gonna get satisfied

  • Also, introduce affiliate products knotting with Amazon Associates.
  • Adding the site property to search console will give you a clear view of organic traffic

Did you do these?

  • Setup Google Search Console before writing the next task
  • Write 30 blog posts (How to manage writing 30 posts in 30 days?)
  • SEO optimized
  • Set automation to publish on social media (this will help increase authority)
  • Assign necessary plugins (avoid loading up not-so-important ones)

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 5

Earnings: $0

Quality of writing needs to be maintained besides publishing. 

12 Weeks – 3rd Month

Blog 3 Months

Immediate Action

In this month, the baby looks at you and tries responding.

Means: You’ll see some initial traction on your site which can be seen through Analytics. 

But it’s just the beginning.

In the 3rd month, you’d understand the need and schedule of your baby blog to feed with content from time to time.

Get some more valuable Affiliate Programs too.

Did you do these?

  • Write 20 blog posts (Write relevant posts creating blog chain)
  • SEO optimized
  • Auto-posting on social media
  • Join a specific Affiliate Program (for instance, your niche is real estate; and Wilson Constructions have an affiliate opportunity, join them. Write a specific post on the type of real estate service they provide and incorporate the affiliate link recommending the visitors to check it out. 

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 45

Earnings: $0.9

You’d be glad to see some tractions here.

4th Month

Blog 4 Months

Immediate Action

The baby has more control over what is being seen and trying to reach.

Means – You have put in an impressive effort, now let the site work for you on the web.

Now is the time to bring some changes. because your baby blog won’t like the same lullabies i.e. similar content. 

Introduce creating a new Youtube channel for your blog and yourself.

Did you do these?

  • Write 12 blog posts (Make a chain of blog posts as sub-posts based on a single main topic)
  • SEO optimized
  • Auto-posting on social media
  • Joining a more valuable Affiliate Programs
  • YouTube Channel Creation – Take some time to get familiar with the camera. And start creating content based on each blog post you’ve written. Do post links in the description to generate more traffic. Embed your videos to relevant blog posts to keep users engaged. This will reduce the BOUNCE RATE and increase the AVG. TIME SPENT ON SITE.

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 120

Earnings: $1.11 so far

You’d be glad to see some tractions here after 4 months of starting a blog.

5th Month

Blog 5 months

Immediate Action

Good power of 5 senses and willingness to grab and gulp anything and everything comes in handy. 

Means – You are now more eager to write more. Your capacity for writing increased by 3 times. Now you can complete a 1500 words article in 2.5 hours and 2500 one in 4-5 hours. 

Your researching tactics and speed has improved much better than before.

  • You’ll also be leaning towards creating more video content which is extremely efficient. 
  • Updating previous content at least 3 in a week is essential.

Did You Do These?

  • Write 12 blog posts (Keep making internal links – Helpful to rank)
  • SEO optimized
  • Social Media Automation-posts should be going
  • Link more affiliate links
  • Continue on creating YouTube content
  • Clean up your site by removing unnecessary plugins, update important ones. 
  • Keep checking contact form entries
  • Add a Subscription to Newsletter & Updates form (for instance, MailChimp); So interested visitors can subscribe submitting their email.
  • Check whether your ads are being shown up on-site (do a troubleshoot through Adsense account)

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 230

Earnings: $5

Don’t get your hopes down. Your journey to blogging has just begun.

6th Month (of starting a blog)

Blog 6 months

Immediate Action

Your baby doesn’t need tummy time anymore. He/she can try sitting and dragging the body to a real goal.

Means – Writing blog posts is not the only goal you’ve got. You need to do more hustle around to groom your site. 

Plan creating your own product. I know it’s too early for that!

  • At least you can create an informative digital product in the form of – E.g. 5 tips mini-ebook to success in real estate or a short course video elaborating your 1st 6 months blogging struggle.
  • Publish your personal experience in a Blog Post and Youtube channel (in short) giving a link to purchase the product to know more about your hustle.

You Did These So Far

  • A full website setup with appropriate Domain, Hosting, Theme & Niche
  • You Wrote 90 blog posts (Including 6th month’s 12 blog posts)
  • SEO optimized
  • Contact, Privacy, and other important pages are ready
  • Google Search Console Set-up
  • Social Media Automation-Post Set-up
  • Update, Delete & Assign Significant Plugins
  • Joined more Affiliate Programs
  • Created YouTube Channel & Continued Content Creation
  • Keep checking contact form entries
  • Added a Subscription to Newsletter & Updates form to accumulate more visitors’ emails 
  • Check whether your ads are being shown up on-site (do a troubleshoot through Adsense account)
  • Check the broken links if any – Either remove those URLs from the console or set a redirect

What to expect (Results)

Pageviews: 350

Earnings: $7.88

Come on, you can’t expect the 6-month-old better than this!

The coming months of blogging are going to be more exciting.

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